Art as Magic

The beautiful artist Sam Guay asked her followers on Instagram if they considered their creative process to be magic of some capacity, whether that meant including ritual or our own definition of magic. This is a wonderful question, and it speaks to some meditations and philosophisings that I have had over the last few months particularly, as my creative journey has deepened.

I honestly do believe creating, in general, is a form of magic, but I'm endlessly enthralled by the process of making art. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the stark beauty and mystery that is the ability to take a tiny column of lead/graphite wrapped in wood and make tiny marks on a surface that was once part of a tree, and have it mean something visually and (hopefully) viscerally, that it almost hurts my heart with wonder and delight. The magic of my creative process is deepening my connection with the creative divine, for me the divine feminine, and extending deep honor and reverence to my subject. It's meditative, humbling and pure love on a physical and energetic level.

There is magic everywhere, if we look deeply enough, of that I could not be more certain. Coming back to this artistic journey has been soul expanding for me personally. There are so may subjects, objects, loves and curiosities that I was once so deeply enamoured with, and over time managed to box up, and put away on the top shelf, out of site - much like I had done with aspects of my own heart and mind.

I can see now there was a cloud that hung over me, dense and low, for so long, obscuring and also protective. I gathered this cloud with purpose. If no one could see my truth they could not use it as a weapon, they could not hurt me, they could not get close. It was my shield. It is my shield. My cloud has not completely dissipated, but is rather a mist now, and I wander my path deliberately, slowly, knowing that the mists will retreat as I step closer to the clearing that is the manifestation of accepting and celebrating my truth. And the mist is rather lovely, to be honest - mystical, mysterious, a veil that I am delighting in walking my way through and rediscovering delights.

My re-connection with the earth is strengthening. I am again putting my hands into the earth, whispering words of encouragement to blooming blueberries and wild strawberries setting fruit. At the moment the days are short, it is not full light when I head to work, and is darkening when I return, but I know the light is coming, and I am looking at my seed catalogue lasiviously, dreaming of unabashed cottage gardens and wild hedgerows and fruit forests (and how I can make this fit in my small backyard). When I moved out of home some two decades ago now, I tended a herb, fruit and vegetable garden as a means of honouring goddess, the earth, of connecting to source. This is one of the objects, loves, that I boxed away, severing or at least minimising my connection. Now, with pencil to paper on a daily basis all I can think about is strengthening that connection, of finding other ways to honour, to participate, in creative magic.

So yes, art is magic. Creating is magic - be that art, cooking, sewing, gardening, writing, whatever sparks joy. The more magic we invite into our lives, the more that we find, that we can share, and in the vulnerability of sharing magical delights, make the world a better place.

May your day be filled with wonder and delight.

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